Workforce Development/Conference Planning

Juntos has experience coordinating remote and in-person conferences to support the behavioral health workforce. We have coordinated culturally specific conferences for both the Latino and African American communities, and provide the Audio/Visual and Technical support. We facilitate monthly meetings with culturally specific Latino service providers to provide technical support, including applying for and maintaining their certification with MHACBO.


Juntos is excited to provide consulting services to organizations who are interested in providing, or improving, services to the Latino community. We guide organizations and provide outreach and engagement strategies that ensure success when working with the Latino community.


Through a partnership with MHACBO and MAAPPS, we provide culturally specific and language specific trainings (in English and Spanish) to Latino behavioral health providers. All our trainings include CEUs and are approved by MHACBO. These CEUs can be used to fulfill the requirements for the following certifications: Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Traditional Healthcare Worker, and Qualified Mental Health Associate.


Our marketing experience includes working with local media organizations that target the Latino community, including social media, radio, TV, and print. We provide in-house marketing materials for events and audio/video production.

Substance Use Navigation Services

We provide culturally specific navigation services to Latino/x/Indigenous communities, and we speak Spanish. Our services include navigation, referrals and resources for: substance use harm reduction, medical detox centers, substance use treatment services, housing without substance use (sober housing), mentoring services and support groups ( NA, AA, Alanon, etc). Under Measure 110 we provide connection to Behavioral health Resource Networks (BHRNs) programs.

Substance Use Community Education

We provide education about substance use, harm reduction, and the education about Measure 110. Our goal is to educate our Latino/x/Indigenous communities to gain the knowledge of how to access Substance Use services available in the community.