Services include:

  • Case management and systems navigation
  • Substance Use Harm Reduction referral and resouces
  • Substance use medical detoxification services referral and coordination
  • Substance use treatment services referral and coordination
  • Substance-Free Housing (Sober Housing) referral and coordination
  • Mentoring services (peer mentor services) referral and coordination
  • Support groups (NA,AA, Alanon, etc). referral and coordination
  • Navigation and referral to programs under Measure110 Behavioral Health Resource Networks BHRNs.

Upcoming Training and Events

Juntos Podemos Monthly Meeting
2nd Tuesday of the Month


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Our Mission

Juntos seeks to improve access to behavioral health systems impacting Latino/a/x/indigenous communities through outreach, education, and mobilization.

Our Vision

We believe Latino/a/x/indigenous communities deserve to live happy, healthy lives, realizing their full potential and contributing positively to their community.

Together We Are Stronger.

Juntos is collaborating with local organizations to build a resource guide of service providers who provide culturally specific and linguistic services to Spanish speaking, Latino, Latina, Latinx and Indigenous communities. Once the guide is completed it will be available to the community via the Juntos web site.