Juntos coordinates culturally specific conferences, groups and community meetings that support the Latino/a/x workforce.


TOGETHER WE CAN CONFERENCE 2023 "Recovery and Culture".

We represent historically underserved communities and recognize that training and education to prepare people for the jobs that serve our Latino communities are critical. Our goal with the Juntos Podemos 2023 Conference is to create a safe learning space for hundreds of behavioral health providers who are on the front lines supporting and caring for our community. We also want to unleash our voices and advocate for improving existing services and creating services that empower our community to live normal, healthy lives.

2nd Annual African American Program

Fresh Our provides peer support and supportive services to African Americans who have recently been released from jail. The conference is an affinity space for African Amercian professionals to come together as a community, network, share resources, and learn from professionals who look like them about topics impacting the African American Community. All attendees will receive MHACBO approved CEUs.

First Annual Black, Brown, and Indigenous Conference. For years, African American, Latino and Indigenous communities have been underrepresented in various sectors and have suffered from lack of services. These tactics have created disconnections in our communities and separation. The goal of the conference is to come together as a community to celebrate and share our culture, history, and learn from all that unites us as a community.

Thank you to everyone who attended the First Black, Brown, and Indigenous Conference 2023. We couldn't have done it without you! Thank you to everyone who also attended via Zoom. Thank you, Victory Outreach Portland, for lending us the space. Thank you, OBBIAC, for your support. We will continue to do more events that bring our communities together because, Together, We Are Stronger!!!!


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