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Navigation Services

JUNTOS provides culturally specific navigation services to Latino/x/indigenous communities and we speak Spanish. Our navigation services include:

  • Referral and coordination of substance use harm reduction services,
  • Referral and coordination to medical detoxification centers
  • Referral and coordination to substance use treatment services
  • Referral and coordination to substance-free housing (sober housing)
  • Referral Coordination of mentoring services and support groups (NA, AA, Alanon, etc.)
  • System navigation and connection to community resources

Under Measure 110 we provide linkage to behavioral health resource networks (BHRNs).


JUNTOS is a MHACBO approved education provider. All trainings, trainings and conferences provided by JUNTOS provide MHACBO-approved continuing education credits (CEUs). CEUs earned at JUNTOS trainings, trainings and conferences can be used to fulfill the requirements for the following certifications: Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC), Traditional Healthcare Worker (CRM,PSS,PWS,DOULA,CGRM, etc) and for Qualified Mental Health Associates (QMHAs). These trainings, trainings and conferences are conducted in Spanish or English with a cultural focus for Latino and community-diverse providers/professionals in the behavioral health field.

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